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Video Genie System

Video Genie System EG3003
Photo by and with permission from Bubboboo (eBay).

My Video Genie was exactly same as the one in the picture above. This is the second model with all 4 arrows, clear key, lacking shift on right side and having a volume control and VU-meter with the cassette player. The first model had no right arrow (tab) or clear key and no volume control or VU-meter.
Made by EACA International LTD.
Marketed in England as a product of Lowe Electronics, and in Germany as a product of Trommeschläger Computer gmbh etc. EACA wasn't mentioned.
Sold under other names in other parts of the world:
System 80 (Australia, NZ), PMC-80 (USA) and HT-1080Z (Hungary) are certainly the same. TRZ-80 (South Africa) according a review in 80 Micro January 1982 by Eric Lindsay. Video Genie was the western European name.

It is a clone of The TRS-80 Model I (level 2, 16K) with some differences
It's physically quite different but most of the hardware is similar.

Video Genie
1: Cassette relays port (write only)
I/O port 254
Memory mapped at 37E4h
2: Printer port (write and read)
I/O port 253
Memory mapped at 37E8h
3: 32/64 character mode (Video Cut)
Button on back
I/O port 255 bit 3
4: ROM/BIOS startup message
5: ROM/BIOS second message
23 CR's (clear screen and start at bottom)
6: ROM-Basic error message on Disk BASIC commands
SN (Syntax error)
L3 (Level III error)
7: Expansion port
50 pin gold plated ( pin listing )
40 pin tin plated
All except 3 and 7 are represented by changes in the ROM
The significant changes are 1 and 2, programs usually use the ROM routines for these devices so they work still. The ROM routine for the printer doesn't have a timeout, so if a program has its own routine with a timeout there could be a problem. Patching such a program is pretty easy though.

The 32 character mode is also different in what it does. The Video Genie exands either the left half of the screen, or the right half if the 'Page' button is down. The TRS-80 expands every other character and has no 'Page' button.

Video Genie Links:

 Terry Stewart's
System 80
System 80 Support Site (external)
 In Hungarian
The Hungarian HT-1080Z
My old Video Genie
Video Genie System
My first computer
Still going strong
My expansion pin listing
TRS-80 Model III
documentation page
My HI.RES page about the LE18
TRS-80 Model 4
High Resolution Graphics
for Video Genie

TRS-80 Links:

TRS-80 Model I
TRS-80 Model I
Microcomputer from 1977
TRS-80 Model III
TRS-80 Model III
Better TRS-80 from 1980
TRS-80 Model 4
TRS-80 Model 4
Even better TRS-80 from 1983

Old Emulator Links:

David Keil's emulator for MS-DOS is no longer available from his site, and it is a long time since it was maintained. It doesn't work well with later versions of windows and some functionality is lost under windows based on WinNT.
 Using it with an MS-DOS based windows like Win98se it is still a great tool. And I can usually get it to work under WinXP with some functionality loss: Real disk is not possible. Graphics driver has problems, and you need to restart it after changing disks or changing options.

Some of the following links are to the Internet Archive waybackmachine:
David Keil's (external) (wayback) TRS-80 emulator where he also has software and documentation
(links to files in the archive that don't work from within the archive trs81-62.ace trs80-62.ace support.ace (external) (wayback) the laters version)
My page about how to change keyboard layout in David Keil's version 6 emulator
Jürgen Büssert's (external) TRS-80 page with more information about (external) International Keyboard layout for David Keil's emulator
My page about font modification in David Keil's version 6 emulator with a tool and ROM modification
My page about my transfer utility X/CMD for David Keil's emulator

PC tools for TRS-80 stuff:


Cassette tape conversion.
Play CAS
Play CAS

Use a pc as a cassette deck.

Software and documentation Links:

Tim Mann's (external) TRS-80 page where he also has an emulator for unix
Ira Goldklang's (external) information
Matthew Reed's (external) emulator and tools and (external) with very useful things like (external) LDOS and 2012
TRS-80 Model I Expansion Interface Schematics Layout (146k 100DPI JPG), page 1 (157k 300DPI PNG) and page 2 (125k 300DPI PNG).
A German (external) EACA page (on information and software

Selfmade TRS-80 and emulator software

My transfer utility X/CMD for David Keil's emulator
The ABELT page, an old TRS-80 game I made

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