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The transfer utility for
David Keil's TRS-80 model I and III emulators
(Requires emulator v6.10 or newer)

Features of X
What X is not
For TRS-80 model I and III emulators
Quick and easy interface
Directory listing on each side
Selectable disks
Selectable filtering on attributes
Selectable sort order
Fast search
Utilizing emulator features
Is not a TRS-80 Norton Commander
Not a disk analyzer
Not a so called super tool
Not a repair utility
Not compatible with model 4
Can't do any more than the DOS
Can't do anything the emulator can't do
Doesn't convert files

Most of how X is working is selfevident, but here are a few clues
(QUICKHLP.TXT in the zip)

Quick help for X/CMD
D = Disk 0-7=TRS A-Z=PC
R = Reread current
F = Filter toggle
O = sort Order toggle
T = Top
B = Bottom
Enter = transfer
Space = edit & transfer
Arrows = move focus

Read about how to install and more detailed information in the user manual
(also included in the zip)



X is copyright © 2001 by Knut Roll-Lund. I define X as freeware. As such there are no warranties of any kind. You can even make modifications and distribute it, but you have to keep this disclaimer and the copyright notice.

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