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I plan to put in more raytracing stuff. There are several other projects to tell you about, but it takes time to write stuff... :-)

Band van Möbius

Fancy was entred in the IRTC may/june 2001competition.
I got a 6th place and I am happy about that.There were other pictures which I liked that got much lower place than me.
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512x1024 (156k)

Band van Möbius II by M.C.Escher

512x1024 (174k) 1024x2048 (509k)
Here you have all three. M.C.Escher's orginal and my two versions, classic and fancy. The original is there to show how my version is different. Classic is a previous version. Fancy is a kind of popped up version of classic. I intended to make fancy from the beginning, but it was put aside.The IRTC topic inspired me to finish fancy.

Here are two other views, which were made while creating the models.

viewed from the "left" side, 7 ants

ant no. 1 (normally seen from below)

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