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SideBySide3D is a little Windows .net C# program for displaying stereo images side-by-side fullscreen.

SideBySide3D in dialog mode

The main purpose of SideBySide3D is to use it on a PC connected to a TV that accepts side-by-side as 3D input. It can also be used to watch crosseyed on a regular pc.

It can read .mpo .jps and .jpg pairs. Note: Pairs are only automatically detected if correctly named.

When you start the program you will see a dialogbox with two black rectangles. They are places for thumbnails of the images you intend to display. The left rectangle is the master image. The right rectangle will be filled if the program finds a matching right image. If it remains black you need to supply the right image also.

input methodes:
- Click the rectangle in the dialogbox to do file open.
- Drag-and-drop an image file to the rectangle in the dialogbox.
- Put filename on the command line.
- Drag-and-drop an image file to SideBySide3D's icon on your desktop.

The program search for parallax info and cropps accordingly (in the fullscreen mode) if it is an .mpo by fujifilm with parallax information.

Navigation in dialog mode:
- enter (and View button) = fullscreen side-by-side for 3D TV
- X or x = fullscreen crosseyed view for non 3D screen
- Page Down = next stereo pair in directory
- Page Up = previous stereo pair in directory
- Esc = close SideBySide3D

Navigation in fullscreen mode:
- X or x = toggle crosseyed mode on/off
- F or f = flipp i.e. switch left and right image
- Page Down = next stereo pair in directory
- Page Up = previous stereo pair in directory
- arrows = move right image, adjusting parallax
- shift arrows = move right image faster, adjusting parallax
- Esc = close fullscreen, back to dialog.

SideBySide3D does not store anything, does not remember anything. So adjustments made in fullscreen are temporary.

Note that SideBySide3D does not preload images so changing crosseyed/straight mode and Page Down/Up may take some time, be slow.

For SideBySide3D to recognize a stereo pair of files the filename must end in 'r' and 'l' i.e. if a non stereo type file is loading and the filename ends with 'l' SideBySide3D will look for similar file with ending 'l' replaced by 'r'. Sorry only English: l for left and r for right is recognized.

There is no install, just unzip and put it anywhere you like. For example 'C:\Program Files' etc. is a good place. You can also create link on your desktop etc. If you like you can add a link to 'open with' and/or associate .mpo files with it (makning it the default viewer).

To uninstall just delete the file and any links/associations you have created.

Disclaimer: SideBySide3D is free but copyright by me. As such there is no guarantee for it to be useful, working or free from bugs. Any use or non use is your own resposiblity.


The accopanying image 'Bumblebee on sunflower.mpo' is Copyright ©2013 Knut Roll-Lund and only personal use is granted. It is reduced in quality and used here just as an example of an .mpo with parallax.

I am not totally happy with SideBySide3D but publish this v1.0 anyway. I do not like the user interface much myself. The problem is when you use it in 3D mode on a TV. I could make it into a viewer only and do away with the dialog box, prepare next image and do slideshow... Using the dialogbox with a 3D TV is tricky because the TV is in side-by-side mode so you see the dialogbox only with one eye.

Other problems or suggestions etc. contact me.

Knut Roll-Lund

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